We offer a variety of technical and design services that are constantly being expanding upon with the work we are doing for clients and ourselves. Years of professional, academic and hobbyist experience has given us a skillset that you can put to use in order to achieve your project goals.


Game Development

New Games

Having released gaming titles ourselves and worked with others on exciting IP, we know what it takes to make a game. Whether your idea is for entertainment or educational purposes, we can develop it and assist you in releasing it on the platforms you desire.

Working with our community of other professional contractors we can handle all aspects of development that you require, including but not limited to Art, Design, Programming, Audio and QA.

We manage our projects using industry-standard tools and provide you with regular feedback on the way to completion. 

Cross-Platform Game Development


Coming from a technical background, we’re well versed in the many options available for developing games. We use the latest cross-platform game engines to speed up development time and ensure you can release on all your target platforms.

If you already have a game engine in mind for your project, chances are we’ve used it at some point and can adapt to your preferred environment.  

Additional Programming Resource

If your project needs more resources in the programming department, we can assist at any stage of development. On top of our experience with the latest game engines, we’ve worked with a whole bunch of programming / scripting languages including C++, C#, Lua and Java.


We can take your existing game and make it available to players on other platforms, even if you no longer have the original source files. If you wish to make some modifications or improvements at the same time we can do so, or we’ll work with your team to achieve them.


App Development

New Apps

If you have a new idea for a mobile or tablet app, we can take you all the way from design to release. We’ll work with you to understand the requirements and goals of your app before taking it into development. When complete, we can help you prepare for launch by testing across a range of devices and sharing our own experience of releasing on the various app stores

App Porting

If you have an existing app that you want to make available on another mobile/tablet platform then we can port it to expand your potential user base. We are happy to work with any existing technologies that your app may be using.


Software Development

General Software

Our software development experience has been put to use on a broad range of projects outside of games and apps. This includes bespoke Windows applications, web-deployed visualisation of 3D data (including CAD), installations, and web development. Get in touch to discuss how we can use our skills to create something for your goals.  

R & D

If you are exploring the possibility of developing a project and want to carry it out on a smaller scale first to analyse its feasibility and requirements, we can work with you to help acquire the results you need.



To view the games that we've worked on, check out our Games page.

We’ve also done a number of app and software development projects for a variety of clients. Due to the nature of those contracts and the fact many of them were for internal use only, we are unable to share their details here. We are happy to provide you with more information when exploring work together.


Jet Stone Studios is run by Rex Hancox and Ben Morris. Before beginning their adventure, Rex worked at Imagination Technology, a company which produces the graphic units found in many popular smartphones and tablets. Ben worked at Ubisoft Reflections, a games development company in Newcastle, England and was part of the tools programming team on Driver: San Francisco. He also worked with Vertigo Games to port their PC titles Shellblast and greenTech to the Xbox 360 as part of the Xbox Live Indie Games Service.

Both graduated from Teesside University where they studied Computer Games Programming.